Mengele - The Krael ScientistThe Krael scientist in charge of a twisted research program at STALAG-X. 

Given the name by the prisoners because of his sadistic experiments, he believes it to be an honorable title bestowed out of respect.  But like his namesake, his compassion for suffering is non-existent.  In fact, the very screams of his victims are of extreme interest to his academic mind.

Unlike his fellow Krael, Mengele’s natural hatred for Humans is outweighed by his curiosity.  He finds them fascinating, which is why he wants to understand them, to figure out how they think and what makes them what they are.  He wants to learn the answers, even if it means he has to take them apart, slice by painful slice, to get them.

What Mengele didn’t expect is that the very mind and soul of Humans could seduce him … especially the mind and soul of one particular Human.