Joe Human

An early design of Joe Human

An early design of Joe Human

Joe ‘Human’ is a mystery.

Locked in a brig aboard a prison transport in the midst of an alien war, Joe is being returned to Earth to stand trial when the ship is attacked and boarded by the Krael—mortal enemies of Mankind. Unlike his fellow soldiers, Joe isn’t willing to fight to the death. His fate back home may be worse than being captured by the enemy. Ripping his military I.D. chip from his flesh, he refuses to tell his captors, or his fellow prisoners, his name, answering only “Joe Human.”

None of his fellow prisoners know who he really is, which is just the way he wants to keep it. But who is this man? What secret does he wish to keep? Is he the answer to a war that has slowly pushed humanity to the brink of extinction? And, if he is, what can he do from inside the cruel concentration camp known as STALAG-X?

So many questions with so few answers. And that’s exactly how Joe Human wants it.